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  • Please be polite to fellow users 
  • Please do not use foul language
  • No Flaming
  • No Spamming
  • No Bullying
  • Membership is a previlage, and will be revoked if the rules are broken, especially the above rules
  • As for now, the boards are only for "polls", to be used in construction of "the project" (This rule is only in partial effect at the moment)
  • Please, avoid excessive use of blood, once boards are open to RP-ing espicially, be tastefull, comments that are too gorey may be edited by moderator(s) or myself
  • Once the forums are opened to RP-ing, keep theme in mind,
  • Download the game(s) but don't hack or moddify the files.
  • Over all, have fun playing the game(s), feedback is welcome.
  • If there is a dispute while using Drac Fusion: Theoretical TCG Board, please ask either myself (tobiaxRPG) or a knolwedgable moderator, such as "Nick E."